Lotto 6/49 Result Today

Get updates on the 6/49 Lotto Result Today, announced by the Official PCSO Head Office, Manila. 6/49 Lotto results are aired every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 9 p.m. (PST).

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Lotto 6/49 Result Today Nov 30, 2023

The winning combination number of the 6/49 Lotto Result Today, 30 November 2023, is given below:

Winning Combination (in any order):26-22-34-44-03-29
Jackpot Prize:202,945,255.40
Jackpot Winners Today:

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Lotto 6 49 Result Yesterday

The winning combination number of the 6/49 Lotto Result Yesterday 25 November 2023, is given below:

Winning Combination (in any order):15-27-24-31-19-30
Jackpot Prize:191,176,861.40
Jackpot Winners Today:

Check the 6/49 lotto results every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The results are updated sharp at 9 p.m. Given above is the combination number of winning tickets announced by PCSO.

The 6/49 lotto, often known as a “pick 6” or a “6 from 49” game, is a popular lottery game PCSO offers. Nevertheless, the main intention of introducing this game was to offer a balance between large jackpots and achievable odds. Players choose 6 numbers from a pool of 49. If all 6 of those numbers match the winning combination, the player hits the jackpot.

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PCSO Lotto 6 49 Result History 2023

Looking for previous results of PCSO games? You’re at the right place. Here’s the PCSO Lotto 6 49 Result summary 2023 of all the lotto draws:

Draw DateWinning NumbersJackpot Prize (Php)
November 25,202330-35-17-26-06-24181,257,101.00
November 23,202339-11-13-36-32-08170,454,894.20
November 21,202313-16-18-15-37-291 160,127,614.60
November 19,202316-24-19-35-47-15150,866,428.60
November 16,202312-49-16-45-25-03140,932,693.80
November 14,202316-39-32-07-01-27131,207,351.80
November 12,202311-41-19-47-31-30114,881,050.60
November 09, 202311-41-19-47-31-30114,881,050.60
November 07, 202310-39-22-20-41-42106,780,738.60
November 05, 202338-16-27-04-41-24100,185,508.20
November 02, 202337-30-33-35-05-0293,667,013.60
October 31, 202303-12-24-17-44-4333,786,391.20
October 29, 202332-29-10-45-17-3030,390,963.00
October 26, 202334-27-13-38-26-1415,840,000.00
October 24, 202326-32-16-28-07-0215,840,000.00
October 22, 202313-08-38-44-31-1115,840,000.00
October 19, 202326-31-41-14-05-1015,840,000.00
October 17, 202302-20-33-32-13-4815,840,000.00
October 15, 202347-35-02-13-38-17147,354,716,40
October 12, 202325-39-02-33-26-22136,165,815.60
October 10, 202303-14-26-13-17-39126,631,688.80
October 08, 202347-43-35-20-29-13118,184,111.20
October 05, 202337-20-41-05-46-35109,025,555.20
October 03, 202347-42-29-28-09-32100,976,080.80
October 1, 202306-02-46-38-45-3993,985,505.20

6/49 Lotto – Super Lotto

6/49 lotto is another form of PCSO lottery game that is played across the country. Moreover, it attracts participants from a diverse range of backgrounds. The rules are straightforward. Players choose six numbers between 1 and 49. All six numbers must be matched at the time of the lotto draw for the jackpot prize to be won.

Usually, the lotto draw is done thrice weekly, providing participants with plenty of opportunities to test their luck. The thrill begins with the ticket purchase, during which the player selects their six numbers with great care, expecting to get the jackpot-bearing lottery ticket. Everyone who wants to play can do so easily because tickets are readily obtainable from the official lotto outlets.

A machine randomly chooses six numbers from 1 to 49 during the draw. The atmosphere is electric as participants scan their tickets for the winning combination of numbers, which are shown in ascending order. The live broadcast of the draw makes the game even more exciting.

The PCSO’s lotteries, including the 6/49 Lotto, differ from others because some of the proceeds are donated to charity and social projects. This means that in addition to the opportunity at a life-changing prize, money from each lotto ticket sold will go toward beneficial projects that serve the Filipino people.

Reminders for PCSO Lotto 6/49, 2023

Following are some of the requirements desired by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office: 

1. the person must be at least 18 to participate in the Lotto games.

2. Each lottery ticket for the lotto costs PHP 24.00. It already includes a 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST).

3. The Lotto 6/49 draw occurs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

4. To get the Official Lotto results, check the PCSO official website for updates. Furthermore, you may also visit an authorized PCSO lotto outlet. Also, you can watch the lucky draw live at 9pm on YouTube (PCSO Gov) or the PTV4 channel.

5. The participant is responsible for verifying the printed information’s accuracy.

6. Keep your ticket safe and in good condition until the draw and prize claim. PCSO will not be responsible even if you have the winning ticket in case of a lost or damaged ticket.

7. There will be no draws on holidays and other special occasions. 

How To Play the Lotto 6/49

Here is a step-by-step guide that will assist you in getting started on your journey toward the excitement of the lottery.

Buy a Lotto Ticket: 

To play the 6/49 lottery, you must first locate an authorized lotto outlet to buy lottery tickets.

Pick Your Lucky Numbers: 

There are six columns in the play slip, each for a number from 0 to 49. Make a six-digit combination you wish to use here. Choosing the numbers is entirely up to you. Otherwise, you may opt for one of the following options to choose your combination. 

a) Standard Play: You have to choose six(6) numbers from 1 to 49 that will make up your lotto combination. The choice depends totally on you.

b) Lucky Pick: You can go for a random combination of numbers if you want to avoid choosing numbers by yourself. The “Lucky Pick” (LP) feature lets the computer randomly pick your numbers.

c) System Play: With the help of System Play, you’ll be given suggestions on maximising your winning chances. Moreover, you will be assisted with the best possible combinations. The System Play category, the number of picks, and the total wager amount are listed below.

Pick the Date of the Draw:

The 6/49 draw occurs every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Pick the draw date that works best for you. 

Submit Your Playslip:

Please fill out a play slip with your desired numbers, wager amount, and drawing date, and then hand it over to the lottery representative along with your money. They will take your play slip and then give you a ticket as evidence that you were there.

Check the Results:

After the draw date, you choose:

· Check the PCSO website.

· Watch the live draw.

· Go to a lottery retailer licensed by the PCSO to see the results.

If you are lucky enough and match the winning combination, you will be awarded the winning price as detailed below. 

How much is the 6/49 Lotto Prize?

The main goal of every participant is to win the jackpot. However, there are other prizes too, which increase your chances of winning. Not only are there prizes for guessing all six digits, but also for five, four, and even three correct ones. Thus, it assures all players, regardless of whether they win the jackpot-bearing lotto ticket, will still receive a substantial payout.

Super Lotto is well-known for its impressive jackpot prize. If nobody wins the jackpot in one drawing, it will roll over into the next one and increase progressively. As a result, regular participation is encouraged because of the fascination with the game’s jackpot prize and the hope that it can turn a player into a billionaire overnight.

a. Exact 6-Digit Match: To win the Super Lotto jackpot, you need to match all six numbers. The jackpot prize starts at 16,000,000.00 Philippine pesos.

b. 5-Digit Match: You can win up to PHP 70,000.00 if you match the winning numbers with five (5) of your own.

c. 4-Digit Match: If you match four (4) winning numbers, you can win up to PHP 2,000.00.

d. 3-Digit Match: If you get three out of the winning combination’s numbers, you may win PHP 20.00.

IMPORTANT: If there is more than one (1) Jackpot Prize winner, the prize pool will be split between the winners based on the total amount wagered. 

Where to Claim the Super Lotto Ticket?

  • Prizes from PHP 20.00-5,000.00:

Prizes under PHP 5,000 can be claimed at any PCSO official outlet or branch within one year of the draw date.

  • Prizes from PHP 5,000-20,000.00:

You can claim prizes ranging from Php 5,000 to Php 20,000 within 180 days of the draw date at any PCSO branch office or select authorized outlets.

  • Prizes more than 20,000 Philippine pesos: 

For a prize over PHP 20,000, it must be claimed at the PCSO main office in Manila within a year of the draw date.

NOTE: Under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act, prizes exceeding Php 10,000.00 are subject to a 20% deduction.

Schedule of PCSO Lotto Games

 PCSO offers several lottery games to involve people of all mindsets. However, the draws are done on different days and at other times. For your ease, we have summarised the schedule of all these draws. 

(W H O L E S C H E D U L E)

Tips to Win the Lotto Jackpot Prize

Like other PCSO draws, the 6/49 lottery is a game of chance. There are no guaranteed winning strategies. However, the following tips can help you improve your performance and increase your chances of winning. 

  • Decide Your Budget: Set and adhere to a budget for your lottery wagers. Only spend what you can afford to lose.
  • Pick Numbers Wisely: Some people use their birth dates or anniversaries as their lucky number. However, you may add some diversity by utilizing quick selections or a combination of the two.
  • Join a Pool: Playing with a group can improve your odds. However, ensure you clearly understand how winnings will be divided.
  • Be Patient: It is essential to realize that winning the lottery is uncommon. It is not a reliable source of financial stability.
  • Check Draw Results: Reviewing previous winning numbers can help you identify patterns, even though lottery drawings are typically random.
  • Avoid Chasing Losses: Avoid increasing your wagers to recoup previous losses. Playing the lottery should be entertaining, not a financial burden.

The 6/49 lotto is much more than a simple lottery. It is a reason to have optimism, excitement, and faith in the possibility of a better future. Its immense popularity shows how well it has been able to captivate Filipino players. Whether you’re a seasoned player or trying your luck for the first time, PCSO Lotto offers an exciting chance to make your dreams come true with every draw.